The IcePal

Price 700 SEK

The IcePal sharpens modern spiral ice drills, all off them. All sizes, all blades, also the "impossible to sharpen" blades. With this tool it is easy to do.

You can sharpen your ice drill while out on the ice during a fishing trip.  Have your gloves on to protect your hands!

Ice drill edges, as on the picture to the left, is one of the hardest edges to sharpen.

A knife has only one dimension on its edge. This ice drill edge has a three dimensional edge.

The edge holds 40 degrees in one end of the edge, 20 degrees at the other end, the edge is curved and also concaved.

The IcePal sharpens all three dimensions at the same time and does not change the curvature on the edge!

If you have a ice drill crown as in the picture to the left, IcePal will also sharpen that type of Ice drill.

The IcePal are made in Stainless steel of high quality. The sharpener is in aluminum and has a convex diamond sharpener of 30 micron.

If you are a winter fisher and own an ice drill, this is the perfect tool for you!

Extra equipment to IcePal is a flat diamond sharpener mounted on the flat backside of the sharpener.
Price 100 SEK

The one best thing with IcePal is that no one can have a negative opinion about how good the IcePal works. It is very simple. If the edge is 100% sharp, the ice drill will drill a hole in the ice.

If the edge is only 99% sharp - the ice drill will not drill a hole in the ice, it will not drill at all...

When you have sharpened your ice drill with IcePal, your ice drill will drill holes in the ice. It is as simple as that. The ice tells you how sharp a edge IcePal gives you!