The EdgePal Chef


Price 3300 SEK (Standard Chef)

The Chef is handmade and produced only when it is ordered, because the Chef is often custom made and equipped after special requests from the customers.

The Chef has a real protractor that shows correct degrees up to 22 degrees.

The Chef is adjustable for blade width and has a fixed distance between the edge and the pivot point on 28 cm. Markings on the guide rods help you adjust to the correct distance in 1-2 seconds.

The Chef sharpens both flat and convex edges in any degrees on the cutting edge – and convex edges also with an degrees on the convex sphere of the edge.

The knife blade support is adjustable forwards and can be angled. This means that folders and small blades can be sharpened with Chef.

The Chef can be adjusted down to 1/100 part of 1 degree!

The sharpener holder is adjustable in length up to 15 cm (6”) and you can use all sharpening stones up to that length in this holder (If you would like to have a longer sharpener holder, next size is 23 cm (9”)).

The Chef is calibrated to use sharpeners who are 6 millimeters thick. You can use other sharpeners as well – but then you must calculate their thickness and compensate on the protractor to get the correct degrees wanted.

The protractor shows also half degrees that are easy to read. Just decide what degrees you would like to have on your knife, adjust The Chef to that degree as in the picture (10 degrees). Then adjust for blade width with the help of the markings on the guide rod to start the sharpening.

The Chef has as standard, two grinding tables, one for small for small blades and another bigger one for long blades. The small grinding table has two fixed magnets, a third can be attached if needed. The big grinding table has 4 fixed magnets. The magnets have 7 Kilo magnetic strength each. This means that a long blade is fixed to the grinding table with 28 kilogram magnetic strength.

All this described above ends up in being very practical. Now, what can Chef do for your knife edge?

You can grind edges with very high precision. You grind in degrees you want using a real exact protractor which always shows the correct degrees.   The blade width is not a concern just adjust Chef for any new blade width.

You can adjust the surface you have ground down to 1 hundred parts of 1 degree and see it on the edge in a new surface, as in the picture to the left. You can see two different surfaces. It is 1/100 parts of 1 degree difference between those surfaces. That is how finely you can adjust the sharpening angle, with full control of the angle!

If your knife has a convex edge you can sharpen that edge exactly without changing the convex sphere or the degrees on its cutting edge. That means that your convex edge will not change. This means real maintenance sharpening.  It also means that you can change the convex sphere to other degrees –and also change the convex cutting edge degrees with the help of the protractor. All this means that you are in control. You adjust the Chef to what you would like it to have. 

To the left you see a picture of an edge with 5 facets made with Chef. The facets are about 1 mm wide there is 0,75 degrees difference between them. They are straight from the handle, thru the belly, out to the tip of the blade. They are ground diagonal in different directions so that they are easy to see. (If they were polished they would be very hard to see).

Next picture shows three facets as a decoration on a blade.

These pictures shows a little what you can do with Chef, with full control

Read more in "extra equipment" what the Chef can also be used to for.

Standard Chef delivery includes:

Chef as in pictures above.
small and big grinding tables.
Extra magnet for the small table
guide rod for flat edges.
Guide rod for convex edges.
Sharpener holder, for max 6" sharpeners.
Two sided stone, 25 micron diamonds on one side and fine ceramic on the other (Fallkniven DC4).
Adjustable knife blade support.
Protractor as in the pictures above.

Read also about the pivot in “Extra equipment”.

Any questions? Just email me!