Photo: Gustav Norrhielm

Gustav Norrhielm have also designed and made the knife.

Blade length 36 cm (14,5”)

Chef with pivot and extra long sharpener holder.

Price: 4200 SEK

The picture shows Chef with the pivot and the extra long sharpener holder.

The pivot gives a stabile movement thru the pivot pipe and with the pivot can high precision sharpening be made very simple with Chef.

The extra long sharpener holder can use a 23 cm long leather strop for polishing the edge.

The base is the Standard Chef with all its standard equipment + the pivot and the extra long sharpener holder.

This means that you can order your Chef with this extra equipment, not just the Standard Chef.

I sign all Chef on its downside. It is a quality sign that tells that this Chef are hand made by me personally.

It also tells that I personally have made all parts, tested all its functions and equipment,  calibrate its protractor and check all parts once again when packing for delivery.

Chef are the only handemade sharpening tool on the market and I think it is in place for me, as its maker, to sign it.

Chef is now (2021) 15 years old and I have not change anything on Chef during this time, it have not been any need for changes bescouse Chef was tested very carefully before I show Chef on the market.

Chef was first with 16 things: 
True convex edge sharpening in wanted degrees, built in protractor, magnetic grinding table, adjustble for blade width, adjustble knife neck support, massive material (Aluminum and brass) - are some of them.

I invented the method to sharpen and maintain true convex edges in wanted degrees and wanted convex sphere 2002.
All my sharpening tools can sharpen convex edges - but Chef was my first table tool so I solved also how Chef could do it.

Today my invention, the bended/angled guide rod) are accepted all over the world - but in the beginning there was very hard discussions on Forums during some years and I had to fight for long time to get my method accepted. Today it is still the only solution off how to get control off convex edges and how to maintain them in exactly the same convex sphere and with the exact degrees on the cutting edge.