The AxePal

Price 600 SEK

The AxePal is a simple but very useful sharpening tool, especially designed to sharpen axes, but also sharpens irons for wood planes, chisels, other single and double edged tools.

The AxePal has a 7 kilogram strong magnet foot and should be positioned as in the pictures, on the head of the axe, behind the edge.

The straight guide rod is used when flat edges such as on carpenter axes are to be sharpened. The bent guide rod is used on axes used for felling and cutting limbs that have convex edges.

The bent guide rod will give you the correct convex curve on the edge on axes chopping and felling of trees.

I invented the bended/angled guide rod for soon 20 years ago - and I have copyright for it.
It was a hard time to get people to understand how it works and how it make, or sharpen,  convex edges.
It was a hard time to get this invention accepted, but today it is acceptern all over the world.

The AxePal sharpens all sizes of axes, from small backpack axes to standard timber harvesting axes, and to big cutting axes with long edges like timber hewing Broad axes.

The AxePal are delivered with a two sided sharpening stone, 25 micron diamond on one side and fine ceramic on the other (the stone is a Fallkniven DC3). Also included is the sharpener holder and two guide rods, one for flat edges and one for convex edges and instructions of use in English.

As extra equipment there is also a file holder, that you can purchase, so that you can file and repair damaged edges before you begin to sharpen the axe edge.

AxePal used for sharpening a plane iron in the correct edge angle.