EdgePal are handmade tools from Sweden.

This side shows my standard sharpening  tools. My standard tool Chef can be equiped with extra equipments in many different ways.

EdgePal Chef is a bench tool designed for precision sharpening. The Chef can in principal sharpen all knifes, all sizes.

The Chef have a built in protractor to ensure you get the precise degree grind that you desire every time - on both flat and convex edges. Chef is also adjustable for blade width.

The Chef has two grinding tables; one for short blades and one for long blades. The grinding tables hold the blade in position with magnets, ensuring the blade cannot move and producing high precision with sharpening Please note the pictures in the album in "Chef" under "slipverktyg" ( grinding tools).

The knives and the arrowhead are ground with Chef. To demonstrate the degree of control possible with Chef, the lower knife has 5 facets 1 mm wide, with 0.75 degrees between each facet. As you can easily see, the lines between the facets are straight and clear. That is precision sharpening!

The Chef's standard sharpener holder is adjustable in length up to 152 mm. This picture shows Chef with a DMT Diasharp D6CX sharpener, which is 6"X2".


The Forest is a new sharpening tool introduced in August 2012. Magnetic grinding table, built in protractor, adjusteble for blade width, adjustble knfe-neck support, adjustble sharpener holder - and Forest grind both parallel and threshaped blades up to 18 cm in blade length. Forest can be hand hold and also be used in a vice so that you have both hands free for the grinding process.
Forest sharpens both flat and convex edges.


The IcePal is designed to sharpen the cutting bits on ice drills. Ice drill bits are the most difficult type of edge to sharpen because they have 3 different dimensions (knife edges have only one dimension edges).

Ice drill edges are concave, and have a twist with the sharpening angle changing along the edge from steep to flat. IcePal can sharpen all three dimension at the same time while you sit out on the ice during fishing, with your gloves on!
IcePal is very simple to use, and IcePal gives perfect results on your ice drill edge!


The AxePal is a sharpening tool designed specifically for axes and hatchets, all sizes, both flat edges and convex edges. A strong magnetic foot (7 kilo) holds AxePal in position on the axe for great control. AxePal is also perfect for sharpening box and smooth plain steels, chisels, and any other blade tool in your shop.

Extra equipment:

· Leather sharpeners (strops) in wanted sizes - up to 23 cm long.

· File holders for all our sharpening tools.

· Needle file holders for Chef.

· Chef can be custom built if wanted. For example, it is possible to build a Chef so that it can grind in zero degrees - up to 25 degrees (and more). The sharpener holder can be made longer, sharpeners, and leather strops, up to 23 cm in length can be used.

Updated 2022-03-01


EdgePal Chef
Extra equipment for EdgePal Chef. The pivot point can be moved sideways. Serrated blades as in the picture can be grinded - and long blades can be sharpener with exactly the same edge angle along the blade incouding the belly and the tip. Read more on Extra equipment.
AxePal with its 7 kg strong magnetic foot.


My prices are in SEK ( Swedish Krona). To get USD from SEK, devide SEK with 10 and you get a "about price" in USD.

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