Extra equipment for Chef:

Price: 2900 SEK

The pivot point can be moved sideways on a rail. This attachment makes Chef:s pivot point 3 dimensional.

The protractor shows the correct degrees on all blade widths.
Long blades gets the same edge angle all along the edge, inclusive the belly and the tip.
Serrated blades can be sharpen in correct angle.​​

I have this equipment as a product from December 2015.​

Photo: Gustav Norrhielm​

Extra equipment to Edgepal tools

File holders for all EdgePal tools can be ordered.

File holder Basic and Forest 250 SEK

File holder Chef  325 SEK

Needle file holders can be ordered but I need to know the diameter you have in your needle files handles.

The price for needle files holders is the same as on file holders.

The  Pivot to Chef

Price 600 SEK

The pivot give Chef extra precision, the guide rod is more stabile without vibration.
The pivot is necessary when you use stop rings, to decide how long the part of the sharpener you like to use when you grind spheres in degrees wanted on convex edges.

I recommend that you buy Chef with pivot if you are interested of precision grinding and if you like to decide how many degrees your convex edge should have.

A protractor kit is available for The Basic, The Basic Hunter, and the Edge.

Price 600 SEK

Gives you degrees on the edge and you can sharpen up to 18 cm long blades with this kit mounted on your Basic, Hunter and Edge.


I  make leather strops to all my tools, from 7,5 cm up to 23 cm in length and 3 cm wide.

10 cm long: Price 300 SEK
15 cm long: price 350 SEK
23 cm long: price 450 SEK

If you need any special equipment for grinding and sharpening I can make special solutions for your particular needs.

This is special equipment I made for  a folder knife maker. He uses this equipment with Chef to form his folding knifes the way he likes to have them.

Grinding table for filé knifes and other very thin blades.

Price 450 SEK.

Chef can now grind and sharpen filé knifes and other thin blades.

This grinding table are 200mm wide and 15 mm deep. (I can also make them in other sices).