Precision grinding is, in my mind, what I can do to the edge and how fine I can do it. The smoothness of the edge, is decided by the sharpeners (stones) I use. If I use a very fine sharpener, the edge will be very smooth. That has nothing to do with the sharpening tool. The only thing an sharpening tool gives you is precision in edge angles.

The picture to the left shows an edge. You see two surfaces. There is 1 hundred parts of 1 degree difference between those two surfaces. That means that Chef controls the angles and can be adjusted down to this level. That also means that you can hit the surface your edge already has exactly.

It also means that you can do what ever you like with an edge and control it perfectly, down to 1 hundred parts of 1 degree. For example, you can add parts of 1 degree so that you change the edge exactly 0,25 degrees.

The second picture shows 5 facets made on a edge. The facets are about 1 mm wide, there is 0,75 degrees between the facets and they are straight with clear lines between them from the handle, thru the belly out to the tip of the blade. For me, this is a example of precision grinding.

This facets are made with a 25 micron diamond sharpener and the scratches are made diagonal in different directions so that it is possible to se the facets.

(If I polish these facets they are all most invisible, if you know that they are there, you will see them).

The third picture shows three facets made on a convex edge during the process making the facets (they are not finished yet).

This is one way to decorate an edge, the scratches from the sharpener reflex the light in an nice way. It is possible with a Chef to make three facets and then polish the middle one so that it shines, it looks very nice!

To be able to grind with high precision does not mean that you always have do it, but you can do it when you need to, or would like to. It is fun and you will learn a lot new things from it.

The last picture shows a arrow head I made from an old file. It is ground as a dagger,  on its tip I made two facets just for decoration. 

Any questions about precision grinding with Chef? Just send a email to me!

Some bellys and tips can be difficult to sharpen... This extra equipment, for my sharpening tool Chef, make it easy to hold exactly the same edge angle all along the edge including the belly and the tip.

This becouse that the pivot point can be moved sideways along a rail.

This function are very nice to have when sharpening  long knifeblades and for serrated edges​​​ - and much more.

*  I have this equipment as a product from December 2015​.