This video shows how to sharpen convex edges with EdgePal Chef.


I sharpen an convex edge in 3,5 convex sphere - with 27 degrees on its cutting edge.


I make some lines across the edhe with a white board pen, take away parts of this line with different parts of the sharpaner - and then the complete lines.


I change to a long leather sharpener (strop) and show that Chef can use a leather strop also against the edge. The edge will not slice the leather becouse of the precision of the sharpenimng angle hold - and the fact that the knife is fixed in position by very strong magnets.



The sharpenoing process is not finnished yet - but the edge push cut paper.



On this side I will later show videos made in English. Those videos will show what Chef can perform.


I have start to make all the videos in the Swedish languish - but English videos be follow soon.